Laser Depaneling

Laser Depaneling

Shenzhen SMTfly Electronic Equipment Manufactory Ltd. is a arranged Ur & D, creation as well as sales as 1 of expert electronic production solutions supplier. Owned organization is located in 3d land, sea and air flow transport network is created for Shenzhen Fuyong City, has a professional electric producing engineering experience group associated with engineers.

Laser Depaneling

SMTfly primarily for: encircling mobile cell phone, computer peripherals, auto consumer electronics, LED lighting and also screen, household appliances, connection along with wire, electronic protection, playthings and other industries, to supply professional manufacturing solutions: PCB Depaneling, PCB Separator, PCB Punching Machine, PCB Redirecting Machine and so upon.

Our factory Chuangwei is actually located in the globe of transportation comfort tend to be in Changan City, Dongguan town. Founded in Sept 2004, has a specialist gear design and generation connection with Mechanical Engineer crew. Allow the world’s electronic items much better and faster in order to customers.


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